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About Us

The RoxiSpice Concept


Better beverages require more than fancy mixology, expensive ingredients and lavish garnishes.  Effective innovation demands realistic implementation and diversity.  Amid a myriad of hype, copycat, and expensive sales promotions, RoxiSpice released revolutions so dramatic beverages will change forever... how they look and how they taste!


RoxiSpice makes a Better Beverage!


The beverage begins with visual impact…

Aesthetic: Electrifying colors capture more attention

Flavor: Unique blends deliver a mouthful of flavor

Real aroma: Fruit & Spice to tempt each palate


RoxiSpice is perfect for

Fast, Fun, and/or Elegant and events

Poolside and outside settings

High volume & fast paced preparation

Catering and advanced preparation

Home events and parties

The Cyclone7 Rein Maker & Rein Cocktail Drink Mix… 10 Reasons for your Storm

1) Looks Amazing

2) Tastes Great

3) Real Innovation

4) Lightening Attention

5) Fast Service

6) Low Cost

7) High Volume

8) Easy to Use

9) Simple to Store

10) HUGE profit margin

Drinkware Rim System… 10 Reasons for Better Beverage

1. Visual Impact

2. Sell More Drinks

3. Greater Drink Value

4. Lower Drink Cost

5. Amazing Natural Taste

6. Mouthwatering Aroma

7. Extended Shelf Life

8. Fast Prep & Cleaning

9. Improve Sanitation

10. Customer Satisfaction


Roxi Group, Inc.
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Call Us: 775-852-ROXI (7694)
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