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Easy to Use

Three simple components; Tower, Rimming Syrup and Spice Cartridge (commercial venues) or the self contained Standard Spice Dispenser (home use). The Tower is your space saver and organizer… smartly designed so that Spice is easily and quickly accessible via fully enclosed and positive stop / locking drawers. Rimming Syrup is the secret that perfectly binds RoxiSpice to the Rim of any Drinkware (plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic). Whatever the Spice you use, beverage type, hot or cold, Rimming Syrup is FLAVORLESS and will HOLD the Spice on the rim resisting unsightly dripping or collapsing into the beverage. And if you’ve ever experienced clumping of salts or sugars in traditional rimmers, you’ll find Rimming Syrup will protect your Spice and prevent this wasteful clumping. Spice Cartridges are uniquely designed to direct the spice to the outer edge where your Drinkware enters the container. The intelligent design extends overall yield and eliminates product waste. And the Cartridges are 100% compostable to protect our environment, eliminate clean-up, washing, improved inventory control, and sanitation by starting with a new Spice Cartridge.


Make a better beverage

Electrifying Lake colors capture attention Aromas are enticing

Natural Flavors are more inviting

Aromas entice all senses


Lower serving costs

A serving of RoxiSpice can cost between $.02 - .05 depending on the size of your Drinkware rim, but remember your pour cost (the actual liquid in the beverage)… depending on your preparation, this can range from $.50 – 2.00 or more! A typical martini glass is 5 oz. Assuming $1 pour cost at 5oz = $.20 / oz. With an appropriate RoxiSpice Rim, the pour is actually 4-4.5 oz (because the fill line is BELOW the SPICE line!). Pour cost is reduced $.10 - .20… well above the pennies for RoxiSpice. In the Food Service Trade, this is known a Portion Control… While this premise holds absolutely true…At RoxiSpice, our objective is offer your patron and guest MORE… not less. RoxiSpice enhances the beverage, improves flavor, engages more senses (visual, aroma, texture and flavor).


Faster to prepare and set-up

Eliminate product preparation (slicing garnish) and eliminate special handling for perishable products. RoxiSpice is always ready, requires no special handling and does not spoil like ordinary garnish


Always consistent

Each serving of RoxiSpice is meticulously prepared to be perfect, each Spice Dispenser fresh


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