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How To Use RoxiSpice Drinkware Rimming System

Advantages of RoxiSpice Intro

Make Better Beverages with RoxiSpice!

Commonly known as rimming Salt or rimming Sugar, and what had been an essentially uninteresting practice for beverage (i.e. salt on a margarita), RoxiSpice adds vibrant color, enticing aroma and exceptional flavor & texture to any beverage, any drink and any cocktail. From milk shakes to martinis and everything in between, RoxiSpice is a unique garnish perfectly designed for the rim of your favorite beverage, drink or cocktail.

Capture Attention

Compare any glass, ordinary to fashionable; one with RoxiSpice and one without. Which catches your eye??? If YOU see the RoxiSpice glass first, what do you think your audience will say? The first step to any marketing process must capture your audiences’ attention… whether house guests or patrons, RoxiSpice gets you and your beverage noticed.

Enhance Flavor

While rimming salts and sugars alone do little to enhance the beverage and other varieties offer color for ‘eye appeal’, none have the natural fruit and natural spice flavor of RoxiSpice. Improve your beverage by advancing and enhancing the real flavor of your beverage. Pouring ‘on the rocks’, shaking in a cocktail shaker and event adding cordials and mixes can compromise and dilute your beverage and how it tastes. The powerful flavor of RoxiSpice emphasizes the intended flavor, adds aroma and gives texture to the beverage… RoxiSpice is an ingredient for the drink recipe.

Get the "Wow!" Response

Cocktail condiments and cocktail candy sweeten beverages to bring about beverage taste. Alternatively, RoxiSpice distinguishes itself by offering aroma, the true sense for taste. Place a RoxiSpice rimmed glass on a bar and the aroma will immediately elicit a mouth watering and palate temping ‘Wow’ response.

Rim any Drinkware - Plastic or Glass

Often overlooked by force of habit or an easy corner to cut, RoxiSpice Rimming Syrup is the secret ingredient for a perfect rim. Flavorless, shelf stable, resists unsightly dripping and protects your Spice. Alternatives like lime juice, simple syrup and even water will impact your drink and lead you astray from perfect drink presentations and perfect drink performance. Using RoxiSpice is easy, fast and efficient… to rim any drink and most importantly, on any drinkware made of plastic, porcelain or glass.

Try RoxiSpice!

Whether you’re a novice or professional bartender, hanging out at home or partying with the stars, try RoxiSpice. Whether your going casual or fancy, poolside or wedding, try RoxiSpice…Whether you’ve got lots of time to set-up or have dozens of people waiting for you… try RoxiSpice. Conveniently available in only professional grade quality. Try RoxiSpice in our ergonomic Tower & Bulk Spice configuration for up to 5 Spice selections or our portable and convenient Standard Dispenser that includes your selection of Spice, and nested rimming dish and sponge. Try RoxiSpice today.