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RoxiSpice Dispensers
were designed for establishments looking for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. These "all-in-one" disposable and stackable units are complete systems with rimming dish, wetting sponge and Spice. The system is "air tight" to preserve the Spice when not in use...no need to purchase separate "rimmers".
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RoxiSpice Tower Cartridges (100% Compostable)
50% more Spice than our Dispenser! Designed exclusively for the RoxiSpice Drinkware Rimming Tower, its patented design maximizes every ounce of Spice and makes rimming Drinkware simple. These disposable & compostable cartridges are easy to use, fast to change in and out of the Tower and eliminate the extra effort, time and expense of cleaning. Plus, because they’re made from sugar-cane stalk and bamboo, they’re good for the environment.
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RoxiSpice Rimming Syrup
was created for establishments that use plastic or glass serveware (i.e. poolside resorts, elegant restaurants). It is flavor neutral and its wetting and adhesive properties allow for faster, more efficient and more consistent rims each time.

RoxiSpice Drinkware Rimming Tower and Accessories
The RoxiSpice Drinkware Rimming Tower is real innovation! The patent pending utility and design are centered on bar ergonomics and space. With a smaller foot print than the standard Margarita style rimmer, the Tower preserves and protects Spice, contains 5 easy access independent drawers, has a built in wetting sponge, and is simple to exchange or refill flavors and clean.
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RoxiSpice Beverage Kits (Rox Box)
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